A Comprehensive Guide on How to Top Up nol Card

recharge nol card online

If you’re a frequent user of nol card and need to recharge your nol Card because you don’t have enough nol card balance to travel. Don’t worry, there are numerous online and offline options available to you. Recharging your nol card regularly will make your payment methods quick and cashless. In this article, we’ve discussed everything you need to know about the nol card Top Up.


Registered and Anonymous nol card holders can avail of this service. You need a physical or virtual nol card to recharge your nol card.

Nol Card Online Recharge through the RTA Website

We have 8 nol card recharge options, one of them is through the RTA website.

  1. Go to RTA homepage > Public Transport > Top up nol card or simply Click Here
  2. Enter your nol tag ID and Email ID
  3. Confirm the recharge amount and proceed to pay
  4. Wait for 45 minutes to 4 hours to be able to use your recharged balance

Nol Card Recharge through the S’hail App

  1. Download the S’hail app
  2. Register into the app using the required credentials
  3. Select Top Up nol card
  4. Add your nol card by clinking on the + symbol
  5. Confirm the recharge amount and proceed to pay
  6. Wait for 45 minutes to 4 hours to be able to use your recharged balance

Top-up nol Card through nol Pay/RTA Dubai App

  1. Download the nol Pay app
  2. Sign in using the UAE pass
  3. Select Top Up
  4. Place your nol card on the back of your mobile at the NFC chip (Skip this step, if you have a Virtual Card)
  5. Select Top Up amount
  6. Proceed to pay using a debit/credit card
  7. The balance will be topped up instantly

Recharge nol Card through Mehboub Chatbot

  1. Go to RTA Website Homepage/ RTA Dubai app/ S’hail app
  2. Find “Chat with Mehboub”
  3. Fill contact information
  4. Type Top Up nol card in the chat
  5. Type/click Apply Now
  6. Enter nol tag ID
  7. Select the amount between 30 AED to 150 AED
  8. Click pay using DubaiPay and proceed to payment
  9. The Top Up balance will be activated by using your nol card at metro stations, parking, or solar-powered machines at bus stations

Nol Card Recharge through the Ticket Office Machines

  1. Go to the ticket office at the metro stations
  2. Provide your nol card to the station agent and request him to Top Up your nol card
  3. Complete the payment
  4. The balance will be topped up instantly

Nol top-up through Ticket Vending Machines

  1. Head over to the nearest ticket vending machine
  2. Place your nol card on the card reader
  3. Select the Top Up option
  4. Enter Top-Up amount
  5. Keep the card on the card reader for at least 6 seconds
  6. The balance will be topped up instantly

Through Smart Top-Up Solar Machines at Bus Stops

  1. Place your nol card on the card reader
  2. Select the Top Up option
  3. Enter Top-Up amount
  4. Make the payment in cash
  5. Your recharge amount will be topped up

nol Card top-up at Stores

Another convenient way to Top Up your nol card is by visiting local supermarkets. You can now recharge your nol card at various stores such as ZOOM, Standalone Stores, and ENOC/EPPCO Stores. This service is available at 50 locations all over Dubai.


You can not Top Up expired or blocked nol cards

your card should have a minimum balance of 7.5 AED

There’s no service fee to recharge the balance through the RTA website/apps. However, there’s a 1 AED service fee when topping up the balance through Abu Dhabi Commercial Bank.


If you are a resident or traveling to UAE for vacations, the nol card should be your primary companion throughout the journey. It will give you the ease of payment in public transport, shopping, food, and countless other options. To keep using it smoothly, you’ll have to recharge nol card when needed. We’ve covered all the available options to Top Up your nol card. If you’ve anything to ask, you can comment down below.

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  1. Hello! Sorry for not very good English. I am a tourist from Russia. On my map, nol about 150 AED. I want to withdraw cash 100 AED. Tell me, please, how can this be done? My card number: 032 265 62 08

  2. I am senior citizen. I am using nol card from last 5 years . I renewed the card last year. Now I got message from RTA that for getting discount on my travel I have to pay 70dhs every year. When card renewal time I paid 70 DHS .Pls clear the matter.

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