Check RTA Fines and Pay them Using nol Card

pay rta fines

If you’re a visitor or resident, you must have used any RTA service or have driven a car to Jumeirah Beach. Additionally, you might have experienced some sort of RTA fine. To facilitate the travelers RTA Dubai has announced that you can pay your RTA fines using your nol card credits. In this guide, we’ll discuss, how you can pay your RTA fines using nol card.

Where to Pay RTA Fines Using nol Card

You can pay your RTA parking and other fines using your nol card at any metro station or at the following 5 Customer Happiness Centres:

  1. Al Manarah Customer Happiness Centre
  2. Al Twar Customer Happiness Centre
  3. Al Barsha Customer Happiness Centre
  4. Al Kifaf Customer Happiness Centre

How to Pay RTA Fines Using nol Card

You can pay your RTA violation fine at customer happiness centres or to the site inspector present at the metro station.

  1. Go to the nearest Customer Happiness Centre or a Metro Station
  2. Provide your fine number
  3. Provide the violation amount and 20 AED as knowledge and innovation fees(if required)
  4. Once done, you will receive a receipt

How to Check RTA Fines Online

When the driver or a passenger in any RTA service violates any legal rules, RTA violation fees impose on his vehicle number plate or his ID number. Once the fine is imposed on you, you’ll receive a notification via SMS. To double-check, you can also verify it online via the official website.

  1. Visit RTA Fines Page
  2. Provide plate details, license number, fine number, and traffic file number.
  3. Click on the Search button

Dispute RTA Fines

Once you are fined for some violation, it’s mandatory to settle it as soon as possible to avoid any convenience. But what if are fined for some violation that you have not committed and you are sure about it? No worries you can waive that fine by providing available proof.

  1. Send an email with the subject “Fine Appeal” including the fine number
  2. Must attach the required documents to the email
  3. Once the email is delivered, you’ll receive a confirmation message via SMS with your case number and expected date to be resolved
  4. You must do this appeal within 30 days of issuance of the violation for dispute fines

Customer Happiness Centres Working Hours

The RTA customer happiness centres operate from Sunday to Thursday, from 8:00 AM to 7:30 PM. However, please note that they are closed on Fridays and Saturdays. If you have any queries or need assistance, you can contact the RTA at 8009090 or ask in the comment section below.

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