How and Where to Use The nol Card

how to use nol card

Traveling in Dubai is an experience filled with convenience and ease, thanks to the city’s robust transport system. At the heart of this system is the nol card, a ‘touch & go’ smart card, making commuting in Dubai as simple as a tap. But how exactly does it work? In this guide, we dive into the process of using the nol Card, its benefits, and its varied applications.

How to Use nol Card in Dubai Metro and Bus

During your commute, the system tracks the number of zones you pass. Upon reaching to the metro station or bus stop:

Check-In Process:

  • Go to the entrance gate of metro/bus
  • Place your nol Card on the card reader machine
  • Wait for the green light to blink or until you hear a beep sound which means you’ve checked-in

Check-Out Process:

  • Go to the exit gate of the metro/bus
  • Place your nol Card on the card reader machine
  • Wait for the green light to blink or until you hear a beep sound which means you’ve checked out
  • As soon as you passed through the gate, it’ll deduct the trip fare based on the zones you’ve crossed.

Remember, failing to check out may result in a maximum fare charge, so don’t forget that final tap!

Check Your nol Balance Before Traveling

Before hopping on your chosen ride, ensure your nol card has a minimum balance of AED 7.5 otherwise, you will be fined. You can easily check your nol card balance through the RTA website or smart app. With this feature, you can ensure your journeys in Dubai remain uninterrupted

How to Use nol Card on a Mobile

Gone are the days when you had to keep your physical card with you all the time. Now you can use your virtual card on your Huawei mobile by signing up in Wallet app. The virtual card provides all the benefits of a Physical card right on your mobile.

Where to Get Your nol Card

Ready to start your journey with the nol card? You can grab one from various outlets such as Dubai bus and metro stations, authorized sales agents, retail shops, and RTA customer centers.

Where Can I Use nol Card

From catching a taxi to enjoying the city’s beautiful public gardens, the nol card has you covered. It’s also accepted in numerous places including restaurants, Palm Monorail, supermarkets like Carrefour, petrol stations, and parking meters, making it a handy companion for daily necessities. Apart from this, if you’ve an Emaar nol card, than you can use it at Emaar entertainments with up to 40% discounts.

Picking the Perfect nol Card

There are four types of nol cards to choose from: nol Blue / Personalized card, nol Silver, Gold, and Red. Each comes with its own set of benefits to cater to your specific needs. Research and choose the one that best fits your travel and lifestyle preferences.


Yes, you can use your nol Silver, Gold, and Blue card on the journey to Palm Monorail.

Yes, you can use your valid nol card on all the ENOC and EPPCO petrol stations.

Yes, you can pay your fine related to RTA via nol card.


The nol card is a smart travel card issued by Dubai’s Roads and Transport Authority (RTA). It’s your ticket to virtually every mode of public transportation in the city, from buses and trams to the metro and even ferries. Think of it as your magic key, opening doors to the city’s vibrant life while making your commute a breeze.

Traveling in Dubai is an experience made seamless by the nol card. Understanding how to use it effectively can significantly simplify your daily commute or exploration of this vibrant city. If you have any questions related to the usage of nol card, you can comment down below.

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