A List of 21 Violations and Their RTA Fines

RTA fines

Dubai’s Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) is committed to ensuring the smooth functioning of public transport while upholding rules and regulations. To maintain a safe and efficient transportation system, the RTA imposes fines for various violations.

In a span of only six days, the Dubai Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) conducted an impressive 40,000 inspections. This extensive effort aimed to ensure compliance with rules and regulations on public transport. During this period, the RTA recorded 1,193 violations, highlighting areas where passengers failed to adhere to the established guidelines.

The high number of inspections and recorded violations emphasizes the RTA’s commitment to maintaining a safe and efficient transportation system. These findings provide valuable insights for improving compliance and enhancing the overall passenger experience.  In this article, we will explore the 21 offenses that can cost you up to 500 AED.

Here’s the full list of violations on public buses and the corresponding RTA fines:

ViolationFine (AED)
Using public transport modes, facilities, and services or entering/exiting fare zones without paying the due fare200
Failure to present a Nol Card upon request200
Using a third party card200
Using an expired card200
Using an invalid card500
Using a fake card200
Selling Nol cards without prior permit from the RTA500
Destroying, sabotaging or tampering with the systems, tools or seats of the public transport modes200
Spitting, littering, doing any act that may contaminate public transport modes, facilities and services100
Causing inconvenience to users of public transport modes, facilities and services in any way whatever200
Smoking inside public transport modes, facilities and services200
Taking hazardous materials inside public transport modes, facilities and services including weapons, sharp materials or inflammable200
Taking alcohol inside public transport modes, facilities and services200
Selling goods and commodities inside public transport modes, facilities and services or promoting the same through any type of advertisement or propaganda200
Opening public buses’ door or leaving it open during the movement between stations or during parking100
Entering or sitting in places allocated for specific people inside the bus (ex. female areas)100
Carrying or using materials or equipment which may annoy other passengers or may endanger their safety100
Sleeping in passengers bus shelters or in undesignated places300
Acting in a way that may cause public transport driver to lose attention or obstructing his vision while driving200
Standing or sitting on part of public transport modes, facilities and services that is not allocated for passengers use100
Eating and drinking in a prohibited places100
List of 21 Violations and their Fines


Dubai’s RTA plays a vital role in ensuring a smooth and efficient public transportation system. By familiarizing yourself with the 21 violations and their corresponding fines, you can contribute to a seamless commuting experience for all. Remember to check your balance before traveling, pay your fares, present your nol card, and adhere to the regulations set by the RTA. By doing so, you not only avoid penalties but also support the continuous improvement of Dubai’s transportation services. Stay informed, stay compliant, and enjoy a hassle-free journey across this vibrant city.

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