How to Resolve nol Card Balance Not Updating After Online Recharge

nol card balance not updated

If you have recharged your nol Card online but nol card balance not updated, it may take up to 24 hours for the balance to be credited to your nol Card account. This delay is especially noticeable if the recharge is done outside business hours (7 AM-6 PM).

Ways to Recharge nol Card Online

There are several ways to recharge your nol Card online, including:

  • Using the RTA website
  • Using online or mobile banking apps such as nolPay app, S’hail, ENBD, Emirates Islamic app, RTA Dubai app, etc.
  • Using Dubai Now or UAE SmartPass App

How to Activate Pending Credit if nol Card Balance Not Updated

Nol Card pending credits will be activated once the card is tapped into the card reader machines at the metro gates after 45 minutes to 4 hours. However, the balance is not usually updated when the card is tapped on the buses. Therefore, if you recharge online, tap your card at Metro gates to get the updated balance.


If your nol Card balance is not showing up after an online recharge, don’t worry, it’s likely that it will be credited within 24 hours. To avoid any inconvenience, tap your card at the Metro gates to get the updated balance.

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  1. my nolcard balance 9dhs. i recharged 10dhs this morning saw it successfully credited. but when i used and tap to bus it shows 9dhs only.

  2. Dear sir,
    good morning

    I recharge in my nol card two time it saw successful credited.but 2days fineshed still not updated please update my balance 20aed one time and 5 AED second time
    My Nol silver card number- 0240973966.

    Thanks regards.
    Ramachandran Aravan.

  3. I topped up my card with AED75 paying via card payment at the machine and that did not go onto my card. Receipt did not come out. I was charged and went to purchase top up at the ticket office. How do I get refund ??

    1. RTA👎 very bad service, i recharge my nol card 3 weeks ago but balance is still not showing.
      RTA is always available only for fines not for solving problems.

      If you cannot provide the proper service, don’t do the online payment option.
      Or close this department, they are not working properly.
      👎👎👎👎👎 reality of Dubai

  4. I recharged my nol card a week ago. Still not updated.
    Card no. 0231117086
    I also recharged physically after online recharging.
    But Pending credit is still pending.
    Please update the balance.

  5. If there is nothing to activate pending balance like no metro gates,no nol pay,and after 4 hours,what will happen to this pending balance? refund or lost

    1. I recharge my nol card with from my credit card redim points with 360 but ammount not showing in nol car
      Number is 0292120060

  6. I have made a recharge of 50AED on this morning to my Nol card number : 0250795267 and is not credited till now

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