Top-up nol to nol Credit

Transfer nol Card balance

What if you’re planning a journey and find out that your nol wallet has zero balance and doesn’t have any other option to recharge nol card, but a companion with some credits in his card wants to share it with you? You can still carry on your trip by receiving a balance from your friend with the facility of RTA nol to nol top-up. We’ve discussed the procedure to transfer the nol card balance to another nol card below.

How to Transfer One nol Card’s Money to Another nol Card?

  1. Go to the RTA app and sign in
  2. Make sure you’ve activated NFC on your phone
    • Read the complete article to know more about NFC
  3. Select the “nol to nol transfer” option
  4. First, tap the card from which you need to transfer the balance on the back of your phone (Sender’s card)
  5. Then tap the card to which the balance will be transferred (Receiver’s card)
  6. Enter the amount you want to share in the box given
  7. Your card has been recharged

What is NFC technology, and how does it work?

Near-field communication, abbreviated as NFC, is a limited-range wireless technology that enables two electronic devices to communicate with the help of magnetic field induction in the range of 4 cm. Looking at the increasing applications of NFC technology, almost all the latest smartphones are coming with built-in NFC chip.

It uses a specific frequency to transmit data from one device to another. Apart from this, it has tons of modern world uses, making it more valuable.

How to Check if your phone supports NFC technology or not?

  1. Go to settings
  2. Search for NFC by typing it in the search bar
  3. If you find NFC in your phone settings, that means your phone has an NFC chip
  4. Activate it before transferring nol balance


Yes, NFC technology can work through plastic, wood, or silicon phone covers.

No, It doesn’t work if the cover is made of metal or the NFC antenna is covered by metal.

Only registered nol card holders can transfer an expired card’s balance to a new card.


We wrap up the article with the belief that we’ve covered every element related to transferring money from one card to another. And we expect that you’ll not find any difficulty during the process if you follow all the steps accordingly.

If you still have queries, Don’t hesitate to ask in the comment section below.

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