Nol Blue/Personal Card: Everything Explained

nol blue card

The nol personal card also known as nol blue card is a smart card designed specifically for students, senior citizens, and people of determination to provide them with secure public transportation and other services in Dubai. This article provides a complete guide to everything you need to know about the blue nol card.

Key Features and Benefits of Blue nol Card

The Concessionary Blue nol card offers concession fares to students, senior emiratis, senior expatriates, and people of determination(residents and tourists) for day-to-day travel. and offers various benefits and features, such as zone-to-zone transportation, access to exclusive offers, and convenience of a cashless payment system.

How and Where to Buy/Purchase nol Blue Card?

If you need nol blue card then you’ll have to apply for nol blue card online after providing your documents.

  • The regular nol blue card costs AED 70 and comes with a credit of AED 20 at the time of purchase
  • Only registered users can apply for nol blue card
  • Recharge maximum 5000 AED
  • Validity is 5 years
  • Concession in fares
  • You can refund your balance if your card gets stolen or lost
  • Cardholders can get a 7-day pass, 30-day pass, 90-day pass, and 365-day pass for unlimited travel.

How to Recharge nol Personal Card?

You can top up your nol card personalized at various locations, such as:

  1. Bus ticket offices
  2. Nol ticket vending machines at metro stations
  3. RTA customer service centers
  4. Authorized Zoom shops
  5. Top up your card online

RTA Nol Blue Card Fares:

Travel TypeSilver Card Fares
Within 1 Zone3 AED
2 Adjacent Zones5 AED
More than 2 Zones7.5 AED
Student & Senior Citizen50% Concession
People of determinationFree
nol blue card prices and fares


Blue nol card is beneficial for students, and senior citizens as it gives 50% discount on all fares and is free for people of determination

Nol blue card is a personalized card for seniors, students, and people of determination while the silver card is for economical traveling in standard class

Blue nol card costs AED 70 with an e-purse value of AED 20


To summarize, the RTA blue card is a necessary card for students to travel securely and affordably in Dubai. Packed with advantages such as cashless payment, discounts, and concession fares, this nol card for senior citizens is equally valuable for both seniors and locals. With straightforward purchase and top-up options, obtaining a blue card in Dubai is a hassle-free online process that anyone can do. If you haven’t yet got your hands on one, there’s no reason to wait any longer. Get your RTA blue card now and enjoy seamless travels throughout Dubai!

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