Nol Yearly Pass for 365 Days

nol 365 days pass

The nol 1-year pass as known as nol 365 days pass is a product by RTA for nol card holders. It provides ease of transportation for up to 365 days. You can travel several times in different zones depending on your package. Only registered card holders are eligible to apply.

The fares of various products with respect to nol cards and traveling zones are described in the table below.

About RTA

The Dubai transport system, under the management of the Roads And Transport Authority(RTA), is considered one of the most admirable infrastructures in the world. Senior citizens and students can commute more smoothly using the Metro, Tram, and Public Bus. Tourists can explore more tourist spots in an efficient way.

To make it more convenient, swift, and economical, the RTA has inaugurated the nol card, which can be used in all modes of transport to get around the city.

nol Pass Prices

nol card prices
nol card prices


All physical and virtual card holders are eligible to get benefits from this service, only registered members can utilize this facility within the premises of Dubai.

How to get nol 365-day Yearly Unlimited Pass?

There’re three ways to grab your nol yearly pass:

1. Using nol Pay App (IOS, Android, Huawei)

  • Install nol Pay mobile application
  • Open it using your UAE pass
  • Click on Buy Product
  • Place the nol card on the NFC area
  • Click on Buy Travel Pass
  • Select the 365-day pass
  • Make payment through a Debit/Credit Card
  • Place the nol card on the NFC area again after payment is successfully completed
  • Your travel pass is activated instantly

2. Ticket Vending Machines

  • Head over to your nearest ticket vending machine
  • Place your nol card on the nol card reader
  • Select the 365-day pass
  • Pay the travel pass amount
  • Your travel pass will be activated instantly through the ticket vending machine

3. Ticket Office Machines at the Metro station

  • Move to any ticket office at the metro station
  • Provide your nol card to the station agent and request him/her to activate your travel pass for one year
  • Pay the travel pass amount
  • The station agent will proceed with the request, and it’ll be activated within 3 to 5 minutes

You can also buy a 1-day pass, 7-day pass30-day pass, and 90-day pass by following a similar procedure.

No, both virtual and physical card holders can purchase travel passes through nol Pay.

Yes, you must renew it 5 days before its expiry.

Yes, you are allowed to commute by Metro train, Bus, Tram, and Water bus.

No, Anonymous card holders can’t apply for a 365-day pass.

No, Red tickets can only be reloadable with a maximum of 5 daily passes.


In the foregoing article, we’ve figured out every aspect of the nol card Dubai yearly pass. I hope it’ll help you to understand everything about this service. If you still have any queries? You can ask in the comment section below.

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