Dubai’s Transport Authority Hires an Advisor for Asset Review and Considers Subsidiary IPOs

Dubai’s Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) has recently embarked on a strategic review of its assets, aiming to enhance its transportation sector and explore new investment opportunities. In this article, we delve into the latest developments surrounding the RTA’s asset review, including potential IPOs, the involvement of key players like Rothschild & Co and Emirates NBD, and the broader context of Dubai’s thriving investment landscape.

Rothschild & Co’s Role in RTA’s Asset Review

Dubai’s RTA has selected Rothschild & Co, a renowned advisory firm, to guide the strategic review of its assets. With extensive expertise in the field, Rothschild & Co’s involvement signifies the RTA’s commitment to obtaining valuable insights and recommendations for optimizing its asset portfolio.

Through this collaboration, the RTA aims to leverage Rothschild & Co’s knowledge to enhance its transportation services and explore potential avenues for growth.

Potential IPOs

Dubai Taxi Corp and Public Parking Business

One of the key considerations of the RTA’s asset review is the possibility of conducting an initial public offering (IPO) for Dubai Taxi Corp and its public parking business.

By taking these entities public, the RTA aims to unlock new opportunities for expansion, attract external investment, and enhance the overall efficiency and quality of these services. This strategic move reflects the RTA’s progressive approach to modernizing Dubai’s transportation sector.

Emirates NBD’s Role in Potential IPOs

Emirates NBD, a prominent financial institution, is anticipated to play a significant role in the potential IPOs of Dubai Taxi Corp and the public parking business. While no official confirmation has been made, the involvement of Emirates NBD suggests their expertise and support in executing these IPOs.

Their participation is expected to contribute to the success and seamless execution of these transformative initiatives.

The Salik IPO

The RTA’s successful public share sale of its toll-road business, Salik, serves as a testament to its ability to attract significant investor interest and generate substantial capital. In a previous IPO, the RTA raised an impressive $1 billion and received orders totaling $50 billion for a 24.9% stake in Salik.

This accomplishment highlights the RTA’s track record and provides a solid foundation for future IPOs in Dubai’s transportation sector.

Nol Card and Public Parking Assets

As part of the strategic review, the RTA is also exploring potential options for its public parking assets and the widely used Nol card. The Nol card, a convenient payment method for public transport across Dubai, holds immense potential for further optimization and innovation.

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By evaluating these assets, the RTA aims to enhance the user experience, improve accessibility, and adapt to the evolving needs of Dubai’s residents and visitors.


Dubai’s RTA actively reviews assets, explores transport investment opportunities with Rothschild & Co and potential involvement of Emirates NBD. As Dubai embraces privatization and IPOs, the transportation sector offers growth prospects for investors. Stay informed to seize emerging opportunities in Dubai’s thriving investment landscape.

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