Borrow an Umbrella for Free in Dubai Using Your Nol Card

Borrow Umbrella in Dubai

As the summer is approaching Dubai, The government has come up with a solution. RTA and a Canadian company “Umbracity” have collaborated to provide umbrellas to citizens.

Citizens can access the umbrellas free for an initial 24 hours to beat the heat in the scorching temperature of Dubai.

These umbrellas are made with special recycled fabric that can reduce the temperature up to 6°C. Amir Entezari, one of the founders, said: “These custom-built umbrellas are designed to reduce temperatures and offer UV protection.” Additionally, they have a smart chip that enables the umbrellas to unlock at the Kiosk and helps to track the usage duration shown on the app.

How To Get Umbrella From Umbracity Kiosk:

  1. Find the Umbracity Kiosk at the Al Ghubaiba Metro Station
  2. Choose from 3 options: “New User”, “Borrow” OR “Return
  3. Tap your Nol Card on the Card reader and Provide Card Information 
  4. Enter Your Phone Number and Scan the QR code displayed on the Kiosk screen
  5. After scanning the QR code, you will get a numeric code on your mobile
  6. Enter that code into the machine to get the umbrella
  7. You can use this umbrella free for the first 24 hours, after that you will be charged a nominal amount as a rent
Umbracity Kiosk at the metro station

As of now, this service is only available at the Al Ghubaiba Metro Station. We can expect it to be distributed in all the public areas.

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