Enjoy Free Parking in Dubai with Blue nol Cards

Are you tired of the hassle of parking permits and finding change for parking fees? Dubai is stepping into a new era of convenience with the introduction of a revolutionary initiative: free parking with nol Cards. This groundbreaking move is set to transform the way residents and visitors experience parking in the city.

Free Parking with nol Cards

In a bid to make parking more seamless and user-friendly, Dubai’s Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) is proud to announce the launch of free parking with nol Cards. This innovative step not only eliminates the need for traditional paper permits but also brings a host of smart features designed to enhance your parking experience.

Starting from August 20th, residents, especially senior citizen and people of determination, will be able to enjoy the convenience of free parking by simply utilizing their Blue nol Cards. You can use your personal nol card to avail free parking offer.

Smart Features for a Smoother Experience

The new digital parking permits come with a range of exciting features aimed at making your parking experience hassle-free.

With a single smart permit, you can register up to five vehicles, including one primary vehicle and four secondary vehicles. Activation is a breeze through the RTA website or app. You’ll receive timely notifications via text messages, guiding you to update and activate your permits with ease.

A primary vehicle can be permanently activated, while secondary vehicles can be activated for up to an hour, giving you flexibility and control over your parking needs. It’s important to note that the authorized licensee should be present in the vehicle at all times.

A Step Towards a Smarter Dubai

This initiative aligns perfectly with Dubai’s commitment to becoming a Smart City. By embracing digital parking permits and leveraging the power of nol Cards, Dubai is enhancing its services, prioritizing customer happiness, and catering to the needs of its diverse community. The convenience of free parking for senior Emiratis and people of determination is just the beginning.

Dubai’s Roads and Transport Authority continues to evolve its services, embracing automation, sustainability, and innovation. The introduction of free parking with nol Cards is a testament to Dubai’s dedication to making urban life smoother and more enjoyable.


With the launch of free parking with nol Cards, Dubai is setting the stage for a new era of convenience and efficiency in parking. Whether you’re a resident, a senior Emirati, or a person of determination, this initiative promises a more seamless and stress-free parking experience. Say goodbye to printed permits and hello to the future of parking in Dubai.

Get ready to enjoy hassle-free parking like never before. Embrace the convenience of nol Cards and experience Dubai’s commitment to making your daily life smoother, one parking spot at a time.

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