What is a nol red card/ nol red ticket?

nol 1 day pass

The Nol Red Ticket is an easy and convenient way to travel around Dubai’s public transport system. With affordable fares, the Nol Red Ticket is an excellent choice for those who want unlimited trips for 1 day. To purchase the nol 1-day pass, firstly you need a valid nol red card.

Nol red ticket is a paper-based ticket that costs you 2 AED with no balance in it. You’ve to recharge a minimum balance of 7.5 AED before traveling via any mode of transport.

Nol 1-day pass

Do you want to travel all over Dubai with unlimited trips without worrying about costly fares? Nol 1-day pass allows you to travel to as many places as you want for just 20 AEDs.

The Dubai metro one-day pass is available for regular class and Gold class and can be purchased from any metro station office, vending machine, or bus station. The nol 1-day regular card will cost you AED 20 and the nol 1-day gold card will cost you AED 40. You can go on unlimited trips until midnight at 12 a.m.

How to get nol 1-day unlimited pass | Step by Step guide

  • Go to ticket offices located at the metro station or bus stations
  • Request for a 1-day pass to the station agent
  • Choose regular or gold class
  • Provide other asked details
  • Do the payment (AED 20 for Regular and AED 40 for Gold class)
  • Once payment is done, you will get your nol 1-day pass which can be used for one day till midnight
  • This 1-day pass will be valid for all modes of transport including Metro, Tram, Bus, Waterbus

You can also buy a 7-day pass, 30-day pass, 90-day pass, and 365-day pass by following a similar procedure.


No, nol 1-day pass is non-refundable

No, it is not transferable to any other person

The nol 1-day pass is valid till midnight 12 a.m. of the day it is purchased

No, it can’t be used for inter-city traveling

The price of a Regular pass is 20 AED and the price of a Gold class pass is 40 AED


Nol red ticket in itself is a very useful card to visit multiple destinations. However, purchasing a ticket for every trip can be time-consuming and expensive as well. If you are someone who is planning to explore Dubai in one day, Nol 1-day card is a go-to option for you. As it offers unlimited tours around the city. We’ve covered each aspect of nol one day pass to the best of our knowledge. If you have any queries regarding nol cards you can comment down below.

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  1. Hello. I’m wondering which transportation ticket is best to buy for a 3-day stay..red or silver? Does the red one have to be topped up every day or can it be done immediately for 7 days and is there an unlimited number of trips? What are the prices with top-ups?

  2. I understand that the 1-day pass (Gold Class) will be valid for all modes of transport including Metro, Tram, Bus, Waterbus. Is taxi ride included?

  3. is it possible to buy the Nol red 1 day ticket at the Transport station Al seef on saturday morning? Do you need cash or a credit card? Thank’s for your information

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